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At Badu our range of services are designed to make you look your best. With options for long hair, short hair, male or female hair don't forget at Badu - we do hair. 

We offer all our clients a complimentary consultation. If you're new to us or just fancy a change, you can make an appointment for a consultation and we can talk through any ideas you may have. 


It's never just a simple trim to us. After an in-depth consultation, we will set to work and make your new hair work for you, whether it's a tiny tweak or a dramatic change.

We can discuss all the latest fashion or classic styles with you, so you can feel absolutely safe in our hands. 


Maybe you're going for a night out, an interview, meeting the in-laws or you just fancy a shampoo and freshen up. Whether you want it big & bouncy or sleek & straight (or anything in between) we all know we feel better and stand a little taller after a great blow dry.



Whether you're looking for a chic up do for a wedding, or something more casual & stylish for a night out we love putting hair up and making you feel that little bit more special. Come and have a relaxed chat with us and tell us how we can make your day (or night). We can even come to you to make the day a little less stressful.

We recommend all brides have a consultation and a trial run. (All wedding hair must be prepaid.)


How do you fancy salon finish hair that you can easily do at home in a fraction of the time?

Kerastraight is a smoothing treatment that uses keratin to turn even the most frizzy, dry and dull hair into hair that's soft, shiny and easy to manage.

The results last up to 4 months and gradually fade from the hair so it is now easier to have the hair that you've always wanted.

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Hair must be blow dried or cut & styled after a treatment

Quickly refresh tired looking hair with a Kevin Murphy Luxury Treatment to instantly help add moisture & shine to your hair no matter how thick or fine.

Cosmetic treatment for shine & condition including a complimentary scalp massage. 


Olaplex treatments can be used one of two ways. Either to repair mechanical, heat or chemical damage. Its other popular use is for coloured hair, but it is also beneficial to permed or virgin hair. 


As a stand alone treatment along with a blow dry or a cut & blow dry. Significantly strengthens the hair and can prepare it for further colour treatments. 

As a colour upgrade to protect & strengthen the hair as you colour. Think of it as an insurance for your hair. A salon treatment that rebuilds broken bonds during colouring, extending the life & freshness of your colour. 

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At Badu we think of hair colour as makeup for the hair.

Whether it's a tiny flash of colour or a dramatic change we can find a colour to suit your style. Book yourself in for a complimentary colour consultation and see how we can choose the right colour for you based on your skin tones, eye colour and lifestyle. 

A complimentary consultation and skin sensitivity test is compulsory at least 48 hours prior to any colour service. 

  • Semi Permanent Colour
    You might have your first few greys that you'd rather not see or you fancy a subtle change to your own colour. You don't see a hard regrowth with a semi permanent tint, so it is a great way to blend grey away while adding great shine & condition while still being low commitment.
  • Permanent Colour
    Permanent colour will give 100% perfect coverage of grey hair. At Badu we use a range of L'Oreal permanent colours. Permanent colour can give you a subtle blend or a dramatic change and is certainly one of the most versatile ways to colour your hair. Gone are the days of flat dull coverage and hello to the beautiful glossy multi tonal effects that we can achieve.
  • Bleach & Tone
    If you're looking for a real standout style or a dramatic change then go for it and see if blondes really do have more fun. This high maintenance look will really make you turn heads and stand out from the crowd. In order to keep your blondes looking their best we recommend having your roots retouched every 5 weeks. It's hard work looking this great but it is worth it.
  • Personalised Colour
    You've found the perfect haircut and now we can choose the perfect colour of you. A personalised colour is our most bespoke service. We use the natural fall of the hair and colour it just so. It may mean a few highlights or it could be some blended balayage. It could even try some hidden colour under the parting that you can show when the time is right.
  • Highlights
    Highlights are one of the most versatile ways to colour your hair. You may want to blend away grey hairs, add some lighter strands to your hairline, infuse your hair with rich warm tones or brighten dull colours. We can be as subtle or as dramatic as you dare. We will work with your natural tones to create a colour that's as bespoke and individual as you are. Highlights tend to have a very soft regrowth so can be a low maintenance was to change your hair.
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