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At Badu we pride ourselves that you will never feel like you are on a hair dressing conveyor belt being given a 'standard' cut. Far from it, our mission is to always offer you expert advice by listening to what you want, assessing what you need and then coming up with your perfect look.


We guarantee that you will leave feeling both relaxed and cared for. 

Andrew Duffy - Badu Hair Brighton


I left school wanting to be either a hairdresser or a pharmacist, fortunately the smell of peroxide took hold of me, and hair (and everything else involved) won. Shortly after qualifying I managed to combine my 2 favourite things, hair and travel and worked in the Caribbean doing hair on cruise ship. From there I travelled to Australia and spent three years hairdressing at Melbourne University. When I came back to the UK, I became Technical Director in a well known salon group based in Brighton and London's West End. My specialism has always been colour. Colouring hair is the perfect blend of artistry and chemistry. I get to do hair and I still get to mix chemicals.

A few years on, Ella and I decided that the time was right to break away and create a space of our own which is when Badu first came to life. We wanted to create an intimate space that was both relaxing and professional, combining our differing experiences. The best part of being in Brighton is the diversity and creativity it brings, you even get used to the seagulls after a while.


Hairdressing is all I have ever wanted to do as a career. I did my first haircut at the age of 11 - not sure if my Mum ever recovered but 30 years on and I'm still loving it. I have worked mainly in Brighton throughout my career, managing a busy North Laine salon. I also worked for the Rainbow Rooms, which is a leading salon chain in Scotland. I have always wanted my own salon where we can combine being relaxed and fun with being professional. It’s with this vision that Andrew and I created Badu.

I love how the world of hairdressing is ever changing and you can never quite predict your day when you walk into the salon in the morning. My favourite thing is designing a total look for my clients, so I love both cutting and colouring.  I like to keep myself updated on all the new styles and trends, sometimes this can be something as simple as looking at the styles people are walking around with in our own beautiful city of Brighton.


Ella Bashford of Badu Hair Brighton


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